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Personalized wealth advice.

"White glove" service.

Team approach.

Pictured left to right: Jared Hardin, Angela Johnson, Nic Hansen, Denise Cook, Doug May, Lisa Mauser


We believe wealth management clients today value accessibility, transparency, exceptional service, and attentive solutions. At Ashton Thomas, your private wealth team is empowered with the resources to deliver what you need when you need it. Consistently and with a personal touch.

The Confluence Private Wealth Team applies decades of financial experience to help you understand your wealth management goals, then work proactively toward them. From planning and investment needs to tax and banking1 solutions, our team brings together the resources you require. We aim to provide wealth advice solutions and client service with a “white glove” approach that speaks to who you are. This allows you to stay focused on what matters most while actively pursuing your Ideal Financial Life.

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At Ashton Thomas, our mission is providing you with clarity about your finances. Once you understand who you are, where you are, and where you’re going, you can find yourself empowered and inspired to improve all aspects of your Ideal Financial Life.

Meet the Team

The Confluence Private Wealth Team

Angela Johnson photo

Angela Johnson

Managing Wealth Advisor

Doug May photo

Doug May, CFA®

Wealth Advisor

Nic Hansen photo

Nic Hansen

Associate Wealth Advisor

Jared Hardon photo

Jared Hardin

Associate, Investment Portfolio Analyst

Denise Cook photo

Denise Cook

Senior Associate, Private Wealth Client Services

Lisa Mauser photo

Lisa Mauser

Associate, Private Wealth Client Services



Our Wealth Advisors deliver intelligent, personalized insights to you in the complex business of protecting and enhancing your wealth. Backed by dedicated, experienced professionals from across the financial services industry, our team is committed to helping you achieve your Ideal Financial Life.

Why Ashton Thomas?

Our Vision
Our Culture
Our Process
Our Vision
Ashton Thomas Office Map

Wealth Management Reimagined

At Ashton Thomas, we think differently about wealth management, challenging the status quo and constantly pushing for reinvention.

We believe success is not an entitlement. It has to be earned every day. We believe we are at our best when we are creating enduring relationships and personal connections, as well as providing insightful financial guidance.

The result? A life lived in greater alignment with your goals and dreams. This creates opportunity for more than you considered possible.

If it leads to you telling others about the Ashton Thomas story, then we consider that the highest compliment.

Ashton Thomas Footprint

Ashton Thomas Private Wealth is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has office locations throughout the continental U.S.

Our Culture

​Culture and Collaboration Define Us

Community, Respect, Excellence, Discipline, and Opportunity guide the actions of our team as they deliver solutions and services in support of each client’s Ideal Financial Life. We succeed by creating an experience that comes to life in large part because of how we treat our employees, how we support our advisors, how we serve our clients, and how we give back to our communities. We bring people, ideas, and solutions together to help your wealth and life work in harmony.

The Power of Collective Insight

What sets Ashton Thomas apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence in service, thought leadership, and innovation. Each client works directly with their Wealth Advisor, who takes the time to get to know you and what your Ideal Financial Life looks like. As needs arise and as your plan evolves, your advisor team involves specialists in various disciplines to provide you with ideas and solutions which go beyond the capabilities of any individual financial professional.

Our Process

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The Private Client Experience

We understand relationships are built, not transacted. When selecting a wealth management firm, you make choices that can impact your wealth and life today, and impact generations to come. We recognize that and understand the weight of your decision.

Your Wealth Blueprint

At a root level, financial planning is a response to fundamental human needs. At its apex, true financial planning can introduce you to fresh perspectives and ideas, redefining the vision of what your Ideal Financial Life could be like. The smallest details can lead to important discoveries. Being allowed to “color outside the lines” illuminates fresh thinking. Inspiration can turn into positive change. Your Wealth Blueprint is a dynamic plan that strives to anticipate, respond to, and adapt to changes in your life and the world around you.

Your Portfolio Blueprint

As with your Wealth Blueprint, no two Portfolio Blueprints are exactly alike. We employ the latest technology and critical thinking to provide you with focused solutions. Regular market updates, 24/7 access to your portfolio, and a platform which has been recognized as an industry leader1 ensure you stay connected to your money as it works for you.


With Distinction

Ashton Thomas provides a full suite of advisory services and access to complementary solutions which are tailored for the needs of affluent clients. From central coordination of financial interests to complex multigenerational estate planning matters, our approach is all about you.

As we come to understand the pertinent aspects of your financial life, such as your views on risk and reward and your family goals, we help construct a roadmap to guide you toward success, then track progress along the way. Our goal: provide each client with consistency and attentive service in the process of building lasting relationships.
Meet Our Support Team
Financial Plan

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Private Wealth Support Team

​Solutions Driven by Collaboration

Our experienced resources from across the financial services industry combine their knowledge and perspective to create focused outcomes for you.

Murray Smith photo

Murray Smith, CFP®

Sr. Director, Head of Planning and Integration
Amy Kane photo


Sr. Director, Head of Family Dynamics and Private Wealth

Dan Ritter photo

Dan Ritter, CPA

Senior Private Client

Tax Advisor

Katie Leech photo

Katie Leech, CPA

Senior Private Client

Tax Advisor

Julie Olander photo

Julie OlanderCFP®AAMS®

Senior Private Client

Financial Planner

Rachel Black photo

Rachel Black

Private Client

Tax Advisor

Michael Serio photo

Mike SerioCFA®, CAIA®, MBA

Chief Investment


Claudiu Barbos photo

Claudiu Barbos

Director of Investments

and Trading

Ron Piccinini photo

Ron Piccinini, Ph.D

Director, Head of

Investment Research

Brandon Cromer photo

Brandon Cromer

Asst. Director of Investments

and Trading

Deanna Tierney photo

Deanna Tierney

Senior Private Client

Banking Consultant

Erica Bloudek photo

Erica Bloudek

Chief Operating


The smallest details can lead to

important discoveries.

Being allowed to “color outside the 

lines” illuminates fresh thinking.

Inspiration can turn into

positive change.

We believe a collaborative approach which encompasses these elements is the path to your Ideal Financial Life.

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